About us

Christian Amín Vàrkonyi   &  Andrea Márquez 

(Austria/Hungary)   &   (Colombia/Costa Rica)


AAYAM natural music project is a proposal by Andrea Márquez and Christian Amín Vàrkonyi.

The idea was born few months after they found each other in Rio de Janeiro

during a music Workshop with the master Carioca Freitas.



Christian Amín has been playing the Hang & Handpan for over a decade with a strong dedication

to sound creation based on sacred and joyful resonance.

He also plays the native Flutes, percussion and andean string instrument called Charango.

Andrea has being singing most of her life, however is only few years ago

that she discovered the path of offerings trough the voice; honoring nature, ancestry and creation.

Since then the Guitar became her best friend and the tool which she rejoice music/devotion with.




Joy and remembrance through intention are Andrea and Christian Amín´s motivation to coo-create,

share and participate in the wonderful miracle of sound & vibration. So be it an expression of being alive.