As the sacred elements from our mother Gaia and the father sky on its divine perfection are giving a strong call for connection, attention, kindness and present resonance, we unite to expand in a vibrant echo of this great spirit’s call.

AAYAM - 360ºVideo "Inti Sol"

Sound, prayer, joy and remembrance through intention are Andrea and Amin’s motivation to co-create and participate in the magnificent miracle of movement and vibration.

This Music; original and from different authors and traditions from all over the world, carriers of wisdom and happiness, are rejoiced by their musical expression, being South America the main fountain of their inspiration.


The Aayam music project was founded by Andrea Hoyos and Christian Amin Vàrkonyi and is an expression of south American musical traditions and prayers.


Aayam is a game of words which has different significance;

When pronounced sounds "I AM".

In sanskrit means "This one".

It also stands for "Andrea Amin Yummy Acoustic Music.






AAYAM - The Album

Here you can listen & download our Music  


About the Album:

This is a pre release from the Songs we sing & Music we play. The work we do and time we spend researching and studying sacred Songs  are reflected in this joyful creation. 


The Songs come from highly respected traditions from South America and their representatives. These Songs help to gain clarity, strength and union and integrate deep experiences. 


The Album was partially Recorded with the great assistance of Jeff Claeys in April 2016 at "Elstudio" in Costa Rica and partially in May 2016 in Austria by Christian Amín Vàrkonyi 



click here to download the Album




Andrea: Voice & Classic Guitar 

Amín: Hang/Handpan, Voice, Charango & Percussion 

Jeff Claeys: Bass, Synth & Organs

David Parry: Voice & Guitar on Brilho do Sol & Sirenita.

Produced by Andrea & Amín 

Excecutive Producer: Jeff Claeys 

All arrangements by Andrea Hoyos & Christian Amín Vàrkonyi


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Deeply yours, Andrea & Amín